Long-awaited Cat's Cradle expansion planned on Brewer Lane for late this year

The longstanding local music venue Cat’s Cradle will be opening a second location at 107 and 109 Brewer Lane in Carrboro. Permits were issued for the new site and work is underway on the project.

The new, two-story project will be almost 11,000 square feet and have room for more than 1,000 occupants. The plans include five bars and a mezzanine level with over 1,600 square feet of space overlooking the stage and standing room below.

EmPOWERment director Delores Bailey reflects on affordable housing in Chapel Hill

In 2001, Delores Bailey was laid off from her job at a boat manufacturing company.

She had long been a resident of Chapel Hill — living on North Graham Street — but was only acutely aware of the existence of EmPOWERment, Inc.

After meeting the organization’s former executive director, Mark Chilton — who would later become the mayor of Carrboro and register of deeds for Orange County — she began working as an EmPOWERment community organizer.

Album review: 'This is Why' by Paramore

After nearly a six-year hiatus, Paramore is back with "This Is Why," an album filled to the brim with angst but happier than ever. The release of "This Is Why" is the first time the band has produced two albums with the same members, as the group has been subject to frequent lineup changes. Following the 2017 release of "After Laughter"–a shimmeringly solemn synth-pop collection of songs surrounding heartbreak, divorce and hopelessness–frontwoman Hayley Williams has returned to her characteristically spunky attitude. She is once more equal parts bark and bite.